Interior of Building 180 where Co-Founders first met while volunteering on Marco Cochrane's Bliss Project Crew. Marco's sculptures featured above

Interior of Building 180 where Co-Founders first met while volunteering on Marco Cochrane's Bliss Project Crew. Marco's sculptures featured above


The name Building 180 is a homage to a hangar located on Treasure Island, in the San Francisco Bay, that dozens of artists utilized to create large-scale art. Demolished in 2016, it was an irreplaceable space, where people came together to build BIG art and create community. 

Partners Shannon Riley and Meredith Winner met and worked side-by-side on several monumental projects at Building 180 and shared the same passion of wanting to get more art into the world. Shannon founded Building 180 in 2016 and shortly thereafter partnered with Meredith to help promote artists and offer arts management services.

Building 180 in its newest form still works with many of the artists that filled this space, representing their craft and placing their artwork around the world.

Their unique skill sets provides a range of expertise from strategic partnerships and business development to production and arts management. Individually and in collaboration with Building 180 they have served some of the most innovative artists and clients in the world.

Building 180 was home to 40 studios and hundreds of artists, many of them making large scale work — the kind of art you place in a civic plaza. It’s a place that produces the kind of art that makes for an epic party when the lights go down and the music goes up.
Building 180 has a tremendous 75-year history in San Francisco, built originally as an airplane hangar to house the Pan Am Clipper and Navy planes during World War II. More recently, this high-ceiling space served as the birthplace and storage area for many large-scale art projects for Burning Man.



Shannon and Meredith have performed as producer, art department, project lead, artist manager, project manager, volunteer, art / build crew and curator for many complex installations. In this experience they realized versatility, timeliness, and professionalism was key in successful art installations and productions. Since its inception, Building 180 has turned into both an agency for the artist and for art-seeker, providing our clients with all their production and management needs.

Beyond Shannon + Meredith, Building 180 is an “army of artists," a dedicated team of sculptors, kinetic artists, muralists, builders, lighting technicians, engineers, animators and more. We believe in the creativity and talents of the artists we work work. Our clients will serve as testimony to the quality and character of our work. We look forward to the new opportunities that await us in the years ahead as we continue to expand as a company and hope that you will be part of it.


Shannon on top of 49,000 lbs of steel, awarded to artist Katy Boynton from the  Bay Bridge Steel Program

Shannon on top of 49,000 lbs of steel, awarded to artist Katy Boynton from the Bay Bridge Steel Program

Shannon Riley founded Building 180 in 2016 in response to the abundance of unplaced large-scale art that she alongside several artists had created for temporarily placement. Shannon’s ten years of business development and strategic partnership experience, including working as a Director of BD at Causes (Facebook) and as a Sales Executive at Brigade and CBS Interactive, gave her confidence that she could create the same partnerships for her network of art and artists. She went on to represent a wide variety of artists in the San Francisco Bay Area and has found her passion in ensuring client happiness, while delivering art installations that are well executed, while furthering community engagement and culture. Shannon leads her team from ideation to completion while maintaining her long-formed relationships with artists, clients and vendors.


Meredith Winner joined as co-founder in 2017, bringing over a decade of art business experience to the table including several years at auction houses: Gene Shapiro Auctions in New York City and Bonhams in San Francisco, and Kevin Barry Fine Art, an art consulting agency. With a background specific to art curation, installations, creative project management and operations, Meredith’s experience brought Building 180 to the next level, opening up more opportunities with her breadth of applied knowledge and connections. Meredith is an excellent problem solver, master coordinator and handles each project with care. Meredith combines her passion for art and building creative space with her ability to coordinate teams across multiple disciplines. She holds a degree in sculpture from Cornell University, which lends to her ability to speak about materials processes to clients and artists alike. 

Meredith celebrating being a part of the Oakland Museum Steel Grantees!

Meredith celebrating being a part of the Oakland Museum Steel Grantees!



It has been a great pleasure working with the Building 180 group to gain access to an allocation of old Bay Bridge steel and see its installation on Pier 3 in San Francisco. Building 180 is well versed in all aspects of the design and permitting matters related to installing public art pieces.
— Joe Wyman, Manager, Planning and Development, Hornblower Cruises and Events | Pier 3 Public Art Installation, San Francisco (2018)
Building 180 has been an absolute delight as creative consultants on San Francisco’s weird and wonderful art world. Both Shannon and Meredith have an expansive understanding of the people and places where creativity percolates, an indomitable zeal for managing communications and projects, and contagious enthusiasm for sharing knowledge and connections.
— Oriana Leckert, Creative Director, Shed Brand Innovation | Art Consulting and Content Curation for Fernet Branca (2017-2018)
Building 180 is a great team to work with. They have a keen eye for art and when shortlisting our artists, they delivered in spades with the right talent for our project and on budget. They listen to client needs and I would highly recommend working with Building 180 in the future.
— Krystle Louie, Interior Design Manager, Global Real Estate, Twitch Interactive a subsidiary of Amazon | Interior Curation and Design (2018)
Building 180 was an absolute DREAM to work with. I met with Shannon to talk about my art needs for an upcoming conference and that same day she emailed me back with a list of incredible artists to look into. Then, Shannon and Meredith facilitated an introduction with an artist they work with, Joel Dean Stockdill, who ended up building an original piece for the conference that was AMAZING! The whole process went above and beyond my expectations, everyone was wonderful to work with and the art that was delivered exceeded all of my expectations. I cannot recommend Building 180 enough!
— Polina Smith, Art Director, Bioneers Conference | Public Temporary Art Installation (2017)