agapolis + building 180 Artist-in-Residency | 2018 ApplicationS ARE NOW closeD. look for our next program starting in spring 2019.

Agapolis + Building 180 have joined forces to bring a unique artist-in-residency program embedded in a purpose-driven community on 22 acres of rolling hills right outside of San Francisco.



Time + Space | Community + Collaboration | Artist Support

Situated on 22 acres of land in Portola Valley, California, Agapolis is a home, community, and gathering place for people contributing to the evolution of consciousness, culture, and systems.  The property is home to 13-person residential community, a 13,000 sq/ft. warehouse, and a  10,000sq/ft house including a cathedral performance space.

Agapolis has partnered with Building 180, an arts management and consulting agency based in San Francisco, California whose mission is to bring more art into the world by helping artists to maintain sustainable careers. 

The Agapolis + Building 180 program is designed to provide both a retreat and communal living experience amongst the artists-in-residents and the Agapolis community. Expanding on the emphasis of community and collaboration, we aim to bring together artists of different disciplines to work on a project (or projects) together.

Agapolis + Building 180 have joined forces to create a unique Artist-in-Residency Program.

We are seeking emerging and mid-career artists, interested in collaboration who share the core fundamental values of Agapolis: Community, Consciousness, Purposeful Work, Art, and Sustainability. We are also seeking individual artists, established or otherwise, in need of a place to develop their work. The Individual and Collaborative Programs will run in tandem.The Collaborative Program is where we hope to differ from other artist in residencies. We aim to bring together individual artists interested in exploring the collaborative process, “matching” them with other artists from different, yet skilled backgrounds. Together these artists have the opportunity to create something they may have not been able to achieve on their own. 

Agapolis will host and promote an end-of-residency event to showcase artists’ work. Building 180 may offer ongoing management services to selected participating artists. All applications will be reviewed by Agapolis + Building 180.


  • 22 Acres of land to explore, including gardens, hiking trails, and a pool!

  • A large workspace within a beautiful, 13,000 sq/ft. communal warehouse

  • Cathedral performance space

  • Private living quarters

  • Access to a communal kitchen

  • Inclusion in Agapolis events and gatherings


  • All applicants must submit by the deadline

  • All applicants must be over 18

  • Artists will be asked to host a community workshop and/or private “show-and-tell”

  • Participation in the end-of-residency event/showcase

  • End-of-program exit interview to assist in the betterment of the program



Thank you in advance for your interest! If you have any questions please email us at,